Air conditioning Service

This is not only for cooling the air on hot summer days, but also to dehumidify the hot air in winter to demist windows. The Demist control usually switches the AC on automatically. If the air-con is not working correctly, the air will not be dried and therefore will not actively demist the windscreen effectively.

Here at Kent Automotive we service, Diagnose, Repair and ragas air conditioning systems of all cars.

To the right is our state of the art automated air-conditioning system in action on a Mitsubishi evolution

Prices start from £50+vat for a re-gas/service




Air conditioning anti bacterial cleaning service

Unpleasant odours from your cars air-conditioning are caused by a build up of bacteria in the air-con system traveling through your vents and into your lungs. These nasty gremlins can cause breathing difficulties and flu like symptoms if not taken care of. Our powerful deep cleaning anti bacterial agent eradicates 99% of bacteria and leaves your air con smelling fresh and like new.

We will advise you to replace your cabin/pollen filter on this service at an additional cost as the filter will also be contaminated with bacteria. These should be changed also upon annual servicing on your vehicle as per manufactures recommendations.

Price from £20+vat exc pollen/cabin filter replacement. Please call for more details